Minority Affair Institute (MAI) was founded on April 25, 2021 with political activists, academia and activists from various fields of human rights, women's rights, gender rights and minority rights. MAI visions “a just and independent society with equity and equality in a future federal democratic country of Myanmar.”

1. To develop political awareness, democratic norms and values among the people and simultaneously accelerate the movements with a variety of means in opposition to the military dictatorship.
2. To ensure the political participation and political decision-making rights of all ethnic and minority groups, who have the necessary political awareness and knowledge, on the basis of equality and equity.
3. To build peaceful coexistence in a plural and diverse society with the aim of setting up concerted efforts to achieve equal development in society.
MAI’s activities are being implemented by a core management body of steering committee with 7 founding members, with executive director, board of directors and board of advisory on a voluntary basis. The founding members who are also key individuals in MAI are from various backgrounds such as CDM-lecturer/ Department of International Relations and Political Science-Yangon University, democratic activists working in the field of politics and public policy, women rights activists, journalist, youth and political activists, community and humanitarian coordinators and those with financial backgrounds in local and international NGOs. Because the core body is united with enthusiastic members to address political issues, claim minority rights, the team is stepping forward to achieve their goals with a high level of commitment.